Indonesia – Cycling tour in Bali

Utiek and I went to Bali as part of our adventure in Lombok and Bali.  Even though I have never been really exploring Bali island and taking pictures in Dream Land Beach or Garuda Wisnu Kencana sculpture, I didn’t want to have a “common” adventure. So, we went to Bali to have an uncommon experience and quite expensive cycling tour hehehe.  The idea came from my sister experience and we took the same operator which is The cost for this tour is IDR 350,000 and it said we need 3 – 3.5 hours bicycle ride.

We stayed near Kuta area and they picked us up at 7 am in the morning to go to Ubud area and picked up other participants who are a family (parent and 3 teenage children) from France.  Total participants were 7 including us.

The journey was begun when the operator took us to Kintamani area, where they dropped us at this lovely store and coffee plantation. The sales store explained about the different types of coffee and let us to taste their coffee and tea.  After that the operator took us to the restaurant in Tampak Siring that has a breathtaking view of Batur lake and Agung mountain. Even though, we saw the lake and the mountain from a distance, but it has a very impressive scenery, where we can see the lake and the mountain in the same point of view.

Batur Lake and Gunung Agung on the right side

Batur Lake and Gunung Agung on the right side

After took some western breakfast, we begun our journey from the restaurant parking lot. The bicycle was a mountain bike and we took an autodidact lesson how to adjust the gear for different type of road. At first, Utiek has some difficulty how to use it and she was left behind on the first minute on the road and I need to take a full speed to chase and tell the tour leader to warn him that I couldn’t’ see Utiek behind me. I was exhausted only in 5 minutes >,<

We need to travel 45km and the approximate time was 3 to 3.5 hours. But don’t worry about the distance, because most of the road is descendent. The road is mostly in asphalt condition and the trekking is going through rice field and residential, so the traffic was not crowded and we surely still could feel a fresh air. We were get used to the descendent road, so when we have an uphill road, we (mostly Utiek and me:D ) gave up easily and we just walked and took our bike with us hahaha. In several points, we stopped and the tour guide explained to us about Bali and Indonesia’s culture also such as Indonesian custom to eat rice, etc.  At the time we took our tour, the rice field was in yellow and green color, yellow means it’s ready to be ploughed and green is not yet. The color gradation made me really want to jump from my bicycle and took some pictures.

Our group and the tour guide on the left

Our group and the tour guide on the left

Rice Field

Rice Field

Yellow and green rice field

Yellow and green rice field

Our bumpy track

Bumpy track

Well, it turned out that not all participants succeed to finish the tour!  One participant who was a teenage boy must to quit at the 1/5 of the journey because he was not in a good condition due to diarrhea. While, his brother was fainting at 2/3 of the journey and it turned out that he has some diarrhea also. So it only 5 of us, but at the end of journey where we only need other 15 minutes to the finish line, Utiek needs to stop because she fell from the bicycle at a descendant and bumpy road! She was upset because she got a spray ankle and hardly to walk, while I was having an evil laugh at her 😀

After about 3.5 hours in surprisingly cloudy weather, the 4 participants finished the bike tour at Ubud area and we have this lovely lunch at Pradha Guest house. And we thought that France family was lucky to meet us at that time, because they wanted to go Gili Trawangan but didn’t have any reference in there, and we were very excited to tell our story in Lombok and gave some references to them 🙂

At the end, this tour was really a unique experience in Bali, where I still can feel the fresh air especially when I have descendent road and learnt a few knowledge on Bali’s culture where I never heard in my entire  life.

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